NCC & Scout


The NCC movement in MCKV has steadily gained momentum. Where children used to look at NCC with reluctance, today, they want to participate in its different programmes enthusiastically. They have realized that serious and regular attendance in NCC activities not only helps them acquire many important life-skills like endurance, self-help, team work, collaboration, communication, social responsibility and patriotism, but can also open doors to many career avenues. Good colleges give bonus points to candidates at the time of admission if they have had NCC experience; aspirants for the armed forces, if they have been awarded the NCC ‘C’ certificate, can bypass the UPSC examination and appear directly at the Service Selection Board interview and join the prestigious National Defence Academy; and, finally, NCC cadets can also benefit from the numerous scholarships that the NCC offers to deserving candidates.

Our school has traditionally offered the Army Wing of the NCC. The quality of participation of our students in the Army Wing has risen to a point where some of them were selected for the Republic Day parade. The school is in the process of introducing the Air Force Wing, and hopes to offer the Navy Wing before long.

NCC provides the invaluable experience of camping, visiting new places, meeting new people, excursions to Air Force bases and other exciting places otherwise closed to the public. We hope these experiences will, one day, motivate our NCC boys to join the Army or Air Force or Navy, and to devote their lives to the service of our motherland.

The MCKV NCC programme is coordinated and supervised by a full-time qualified Associate NCC Officer.


The Scouting movement, started by Robert Baden-Powell in 1907, aims to support young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development so that they can play constructive roles in society. The programme includes practical outdoor activities like camping, woodcraft, hiking, back packing, sports, etc.

The Boy Scout movement in MCKV is gradually gaining popularity among the students with some of them already preparing for the award of the President’s Gold Medal. The MCKV Boy Scouts programme is supervised by a qualified Scout Master who himself is a holder of the prestigious President’s Gold Medal.