Payment of Fees

  1. In keeping with the vision of a digital, cashless India, the school has introduced online payment of fees and other charges for the convenience of the guardians.
  2. Guardians are, therefore, requested to pay the fees through the Online Fee Payment System available on the school website: (Click ‘Online Fee Payment’, then ‘Login’ and follow the procedure thereafter).
  3. The school fee must be paid on or before the 20th of each month online.
  4. Fees for a particular moth paid after the 20th of that month, will be accepted only if it is accompanied with a late fine of Rs 20/-. The fine of Rs 20/- is applicable only if it is paid by the end of the month for which the fee is due. If the fees remain unpaid for the subsequent months, a late fine of Rs. 50/- will be calculated cumulatively for each month.
  5. Guardians are advised to check the status of their fee payment on the school website ( If any discrepancy is noticed, guardians should contact the school office.
  6. Non-payment of fees for 2 consecutive months may lead to the removal of the name of the student from the School Register. Re-admission of such a student will be purely on the discretion of the school authorities and subject to the payment of the Re-Admission fee and all dues with fines.
  7. Fee for the month of April should be paid before collection of books & stationery for the new academic session.
  8. All fee dues must be cleared before each examination.
  9. No deduction is made for absence of children during the holidays or for broken periods.
  10. Fees for the holiday months and long vacations (Summer, Winter, Durga Puja, etc.) must be paid before the School closes for the holidays.
  11. Fees once deposited will not be refunded.
  12. The Governing Body of the School reserves the right to change the fee structure without any prior notice.
  13. Every pupil is expected to donate, as and when required, a small amount towards school shows, religious functions & social work.
  14. The academic year of the school is from April to March.