There are more than 160 qualified and trained members of school staff. Our faculty members regularly attend workshops, seminars, and orientation programmes to update their professional knowledge and skills. The entire staff is provided with all the facilities as per the State Government norms and guidelines. Moreover, they are also given facilities like transport, complimentary lunch, snacks, and beverages. The professional working conditions of the staff are also in conformity with State Government norms. In-house training is given to the entire staff in computer literacy so that they can use this skill in their day-to-day work without depending on others. They are also provided with many reference books and can use the Internet for preparing their lessons. Teachers have access to LCD projectors and interactive white boards in the classroom to make their lessons interesting. For this purpose, digital material developed in-house or commercially available is used. There are more than 250 CDs available for all levels of students in our well- equipped, air conditioned computer lab.