Assessment Pattern

For Pre- Nursery, Nursery & K.G.
No formal examinations. The child will be evaluated continuously to monitor his overall development

Assessment Pattern for I to Class IV

First Assessment Marks 50
Final Assessment Marks 50
4 Class Tests (4 x 15) 60
Formative Assessment (2 x 20) 40
Total  200

Areas of Formative Assessment and Mark distribution:-

  1. 8 Marks for classwork, homework and worksheets.
  2. 8 Marks for class participation and response.
  3. 6 Marks for special assignments (charts, models, scrap books etc.)

Assessment Pattern for Classes V to VIII

First Assessment Marks 80
Final Assessment Marks 80
Class Tests (4 x 25) 100
Formative Assessment (2x20) 40
Total 300

Areas of Formative Assessment : classwork, homework, worksheets and projects.
Transition to the next class will be on the basis of overall performance throughout the year in both Academic and Non-Academic spheres.

Assessment Pattern for Classes IX & X

First Term Marks / Pre -Board I 80
Final Term Marks / Pre-Board II 80
2 Unit test 2 x 50 100
2 Surprise test 2 x 10 20
Continuous Assessment (2 x 5) 10
Project Marks (2X5) 10
Total 300

Assessment Pattern for Classes XI & XII

First Assessment Marks / Pre -Board I 100
Final Assessment Marks / Pre-Board II 100
2 Unit Test (2 x 50) 100
Total 300


  • Promotion will be as per the norms laid down by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination for classes IX to XII.
  • Attendance should be a minimum of 75%. A student will be awarded a Certificate of cent percent attendance at the end of the academic session if he has not missed a single day of school.
  • The promotion of the students will be finalised by the Promotion Committee of the School (which will be constituted by the Governing Council each year) in consultation with the subject teachers/class teachers, HODs, co-ordinators, Headmaster and the Principal, and there will be no re-consideration. The results of the FINAL Examination cannot be changed.
  • In matters of promotion or failure where the decision of the Promotion Committee is not available, the decision taken by the Principal shall be final.
  • Report Cards must be collected on the schedule date. Parents must carry the Fees Book and School Diary of their wards at the time of collecting the Report Cards. If Report Cards are not collected on time, the school authorities may suspend his classes.