Drinking water

Water is indispensable to life. To ensure that the students have easy access to clean drinking water, we provide the following facilities:

Drinking water faucets are provided on each and every floor.
Water filtration plant undergoes weekly maintenance: the filtration chamber is thoroughly washed and cleaned, rinsed, and chemical charged.
Renovation and over- hauling of filtration plant are done every two years.
Physico-chemical analysis of water and bacteriological analysis of water are done on a regular basis.
Storage water filter and Aquaguard water filter are cleaned every week.
The reservoir is washed once in 15 days, and the dust settled is removed.
We have two water coolers. In house cleaning is done once a week, and professional annual maintenance done quarterly.

Unique Features of our Campus

Parking lot, pathways, Children’s park, Basket ball and Volleyball courts, playground, garden and the periphery of the school are maintained systematically by workers. A house- keeper is in charge of usability and availability of all the facilities. Any equipment that has failed is repaired, removed, or reinstalled immediately. He goes on regular inspections, delegates duties to the conservancy and janitorial staff, and constantly keeps a vigil on their activities. It is a result of their sincere efforts that MCKV can boast of upgraded, clean toilets, sparkling corridors and dust free, meticulously maintained classrooms.

Pest Control

Pest control is regularly done. Anti-termite control is undertaken quarterly for the whole building. Rat control measures are also carried out twice a month for the storage area.

Fire Safety Precautions

Fire extinguishers are positioned at all strategic places. The entire staff and the senior students have been trained to use the fire extinguishers properly. We have 15 cylinders, out of which 11 are of the ABC type and use carbon dioxide ones. Every month, their pressure is checked.. The Fire Service Department, Government of West Bengal, has been actively involved in training our personnel, and in the installation of fire safety equipment.

24×7 CCTV Surveillance

One of the primary objectives for us at MCKV is offering a safe and secure learning environment for our students, parents, teachers and staff. CCTV cameras are a great tool in making this possible. The campus is under 24×7 CCTV surveillance with around 75 security cameras installed at every nook and corner of the school. This not only helps to keep the school premises safe but also deter bullying, school violence and improve emergency readiness.