Special Occasions

The school will give special importance to the celebration of the following :

REPUBLIC DAY A day to express our adherence to the constitution.
SARASWATI PUJA A day to honour and worship the Goddess of Learning.
SCHOOL FOUNDATION DAY A day to be remembered with reverence.
RAKSHA BANDHAN To foster cordial relations between brothers and sisters.
INDEPENDENCE DAY To remember with gratitude the sacrifices made by our honourable freedom fighters.
TEACHERS' DAY To express gratitude to teachers and school staff.
CHILDREN’S DAY To renew our love for children and to honour Chacha Nehru.
SPORTS DAY To make students realize their inner potential and physical skills.
PARENTS' DAY To express gratitude to our parents /guardians.
JANMASHTAMI To foster love and friendship among students.
CHRISTMAS DAY To foster love and friendship among students.

Special guidelines will be set in advance and preparations will start under the guidance of the teachers to celebrate these special days and rejuvenate the spirit and mind so that our culture is preserved and the students ensure the continuance of the cultural heritage of India.