Director's Message

Most societies in the world today believe something is amiss in the learning experience children go through in schools. What is missing is contemporaneity. Today's needs are different and cannot be addressed using tools of the bygone era that created the schooling system currently followed in many countries including ours. The system has not evolved much since its inception and has largely become anachronistic.


So, what does relevant, updated schooling look like?


Briefly, an enlightened school would make the well-being, welfare, and development of children its main focus. It would be responsive to their natural instincts for learning and their innate curiosity, serving as their window on the world and life. The school would fundamentally be a learning community characterized by mutually respectful and caring relationships, where the passive practice of unidirectional transmission of information and facts from teacher to student would be replaced by collective knowledge creation. The intimidating, make or break examination system would be supplanted by meaningful assessments - essentially systematic feedback - designed to heighten children's educational experience. Importantly, it would keep in mind Tagore's advice to parents and teachers: "Do not limit a child to your learning, for he was born in another time."

M. C. Kejriwal Vidyapeeth looks on evolution and adaptability as inevitable dimensions of life, and has never shied away from responding to social change. It rose admirably to the challenges imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic induced lockdown, ensuring continuity of academic learning and enrichment activities for its students on a digital mode that our teachers were quick to master, displaying admirable adaptability, flexibility, and innovativeness.

In the same vein, our vibrant institution has embarked on an earnest endeavour to align the school's functioning with contemporary best practices, some of which have been summarized above. The National Education Policy 2020, which has marked an exciting watershed in education in our country, acts as our guiding light in our transformative efforts.

I thank you for visiting our website, and hope that its contents will enthuse you to consider a fruitful association with MCKV.

Neelkantha Gupta