Annual Prize Day on the occasion of the 20th Foundation Day





M. C. Kejriwal Vidyapeeth held its Annual Prize Day on 18 June 2016 on the occasion of its 20th Foundation Day. The occasion also gave us an opportunity to reflect on how the school was created twenty years ago, recall the early days of the school, and marvel at how far we have come as a school community. The students’ gift to the school on the occasion of its twentieth anniversary was a record-breaking performance at the ICSE and ISC examinations this year.

The Annual Prize Day programme gave the students an opportunity to showcase their impressive talents. In addition to the several rounds of prize distribution presided over by the Chief Guest, the Vice Chairman of the school, and the Principal, the occasion also featured several scintillating musical, vocal, dramatic and dance items put up by the children.

The Chief Guest for the occasion was Sri Devendra Prakash Singh, IPS, Commisioner of Police, Howrah, who was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to spend the morning appreciating the children’s achievements in the scholastic and non-scholastic fields.

The programme began with a welcome dance entitled Shanti Mantra, the theme of which was the importance of peace to ensure communal harmony amidst the present chaotic atmosphere of doubt and mistrust. After this item, prizes were given away to the children of Montessori, Nursery, KG, and Classes 1 to 4.

The atmosphere was surcharged with a sense of divinity and serenity through ‘Bakra Tunda’, a skit presented by the junior children, and which narrated the story of Lord Ganesha and his astute intelligence. This was followed by a round of prize distribution for Classes V - VIII for their excellent performances in the academic session 2015-2016.

After this, a Guitar presentation and a musical Fusion by the middle and senior school children held the audience absolutely mesmerized. These were followed by a round of prize distribution at which the achievers of Classes 9 to 12 and the toppers of the ICSE and ISC examinations were honoured.

The students also presented an item entitled ‘Tribute to Satyajit Ray’ which was inspired by music of the great film-makers films. This item also featured an audio-visual presentation of Satyajit Ray’s life.

The school awarded merit scholarships to the toppers from Classes I - IX. This is an altruistic gesture by the Chairman of the school, Sri S. S. Kejriwal, to recognize and motivate the highest academic achievers.

The felicitations also included eighteen devoted teachers who received long-service awards on completing 10 and 15 years of selfless service.  Some staff members were also honoured for their perfect attendance. Some of the members of the ancilliary staff were recognized for their committed work.

Earlier, there were motivating speeches by the Vice Chairman, Sri Kishan Kumar Kejriwal, and the Principal, Sri Neelkantha Gupta. The Chief Guest, Sri Devendra Prakash Singh, spoke eloquently to the students and their parents about the importance of respecting the law, ethics in everyday life, and the need to look beyond exam marks in today’s education.

The Annual Prize Day programme concluded with the Headmistress, Mrs. Mallika Mukherjee proposing a vote of thanks, and the School Choir singing the School Anthem, ‘Home of our childhood’.