Activities done in the Junior School in the month of July 2017

Doctor’s Day
Doctor’s Day was celebrated in the Pre-Primary wing on 03.07.2017. On the occasion of Doctor's Day, we expressed our gratitude to the ‘Doctors’ for the selfless service they provide to us. The kids of Montessori, Nursery and KG prepared handmade crafts with the assistance of the teachers and sent them to the MCKV Health Centre. A demonstration of the First - Aid box was done by one of our teachers who also enacted the role of a doctor. 

Van Mahotsav Celebration:
Van Mahotsav was celebrated in the Pre-Primary wing on 07.07.2017. The children had an activity of sowing seeds. Students of KG went out for a nature walk and were explained the different parts of a plant by the Class teachers. 

Monsoon Mania 
The Pre- primary wing of MCKV had an array of activities on 12.07.2017.The kids of Montessori and Nursery prepared paper boats. The boats were sailed in a tub full of water provided to each class.  The Kindergarten students made a collage of seven colours. The main objective was to make them aware of the colours in a rainbow.

Rain Dance Party
Rain Dance Party was organized for the kids on 18 July 2017. The purpose of this event was to introduce the tiny-tots to the monsoon season and to let them know all the best practices that go along with it. The school had installed sprinklers to produce artificial rain so as to give the kids a real feel of the monsoon. The kids experienced the joy of splashing about in the puddles, having fun in the rain while staying protected from the rains in their raincoats and umbrellas. The children enjoyed the dance. At the end of dance, they were served hot ‘pakoras’. It was a fun- filled day for the children.