Principal's Message

In recent years, the education system has witnessed significant transformation. Educational institutions have adapted to new methods of teaching and learning, incorporating technology into the classroom. At M. C. Kejriwal Vidyapeeth, we have successfully embraced this evolution, seamlessly transitioning from the traditional mode to a more child-focused and technology-oriented approach that attempts to link the classroom with the outside world.

The transition was not without its challenges, but thanks to the support and facilities provided by the school's management, our staff was able to upgrade their skills and respond to the needs of the times. As a result, we have been achieving even better academic results than before.

M. C. Kejriwal Vidyapeeth prides itself on offering modern education while upholding traditional values. Our vision and mission are totally child-centric, and emphasise high standards with a commitment to enhancing the educational experience. We employ team strategies to ensure each student's success, and focus on their holistic development, placing equal importance on both curricular and co-curricular activities. We value behavioural discipline, moral integrity, and cognitive development. Life skills are incorporated into our curriculum, empowering students to confidently face the challenges of an uncertain world.

Continuous professional development is provided to our highly talented and dedicated staff who contribute to our vibrant learning environment. They are valued and appreciated for their creativity, innovativeness, and diligence.

We take great pride in being a school that embraces change and fosters academic excellence, a global outlook, and a strong sense of community.

Mallika Mukherjee