Activities done in the Junior School in the month of May 2017



On 12 May 2017, the children of Pre- Primary section observed ‘Yellow Day’. Children came to the school in yellow coloured attire. The classrooms were beautifully decorated with yellow coloured objects. To create awareness among the children on healthy food habits in summer, the children of Nursery conducted a role play in the class. The KG teachers showed a PPT related to the Dos and Don’ts in the summer season. A class party was also arranged for the children of the Pre-Primary classes. Children were served with a refreshing orange drink (Tang). They had a great time through this fun activity. This activity was conducted to enhance the sensorial experience of the children.


The Junior School children of MCKV celebrated Mother’s Day on May 12,2017 .To help the children strengthen the bond with their mothers, various craft activities were done by the kids under the guidance of the teachers. The Class teachers explained the children the role of their mothers in their lives. Children eagerly carried the craft work prepared by them for their mothers.


Painting with ice is a sensory activity for toddlers and pre-school children that involve playing with ice and water. It develops fine motor skills and coordination. Keeping in mind about the advantages of sensory play, this activity was organized for the Montessori children on May 5, 2017. They enjoyed the activity thoroughly.